Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jardinières Redwood: leurs variétés et utilitaires

Wood planter boxes are a great way to add beauty and natural warmth to your home, office or business.
 They can complement a front entrance to a home or a building or they can become the foundation of a beautiful balcony or backyard garden.

Wood Planters have long been a popular choice among home-owners as well as home designers.
Different kinds of woods are used in the making of planter boxes with varying decay and moisture resistance. They are available in different finishes too.

Planter boxes have historically been made of many materials, but wood has always been the most popular.
Boxes can be made of almost any size and shape to meet the needs of most spaces.

When it comes to durability, planter boxes made of highly decay resistant wood, like California Redwood, can last decades before their natural properties begin to take their course? Planter boxes made of an excellent quality wood like Redwood will never sag or twist and they will serve you for many many years without need for liners or special sealants.

Some examples of styles and sizes available for outdoor wood planters are:

    Large Planters
    Small Planters
    Specialty Planters

Large Planters:

Large planter boxes fit well in a garden or a roof top terrace. Handcrafted redwood planters are ideal because of their natural beauty and longevity.
 Your blooms, bushes, trees, or mini gardens will cometo life in their warm simple designs. 
Large planters can be made in just about any height, length and width you need.
Those who love gardening organic vegetable and herbs can also choose to have the inside of their boxes left untreated with sealant so that only natural wood is in contact with the soil at all times.

Small Planters:

If you have less space available, small planters are available for your window, balcony, or deck.  Small Planters can also be hung from siding or other walls. They are available in any size you need.
When comparing wood planters, look to see how long of a warranty the manufacturer gives you.
If no warranty or a very short warranty is offered, you can expect the boxes to last a very short time.
 California Redwood boxes come with warranties of 10 to 30 years against decay. 

Specialty Planters:

Space availability is always a concern when placing a planter. For instance, if you have a space on a terrace, balcony, or garden pergolas, and don't want a typical square or rectangular planter, you can opt for a vase planter or a tapered box or even an L-shaped box for a corner. 

The bottom line is if you have a manufacturer that has many years experience building boxes of all sizes and shapes, you can get what you need made for just about any spot.
 In terms of wood quality, no wood is superior in decay resistance when comparing the same wood grade from another species than California Redwood. For this reason, Redwood planter boxes are perfectly suitable for all climatic conditions and for just about any garden application.


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